We have the ambitious goal of empowering 1M young people to lead climate projects as part of a global network. Your organization can also be part of this, contact us if you are interested in any of the options below (please specify which one in the title).

1) Share Opportunities:

Fill in this form to share opportunities such as vacancies, internships, scholarships, events, among others. We will publish them on our website and share directly with members of our network. You can also fill in this form if you want to host a YCL Fellow for an exclusive Field Placement (learn more here).

2) Sponsor YCL Learning Journeys:

The course “YCL Brazil – Leadership for the 21st Century” advocates that individual and collective transformations should go together. In this context, a new kind of education should develop skills that combine theory and practice. The initiative is our flagship program for Brazil, directly aligned with the experiences and opportunities offered by our Global Network. During the course, participants count with individual mentorship, supporting their transition to climate careers. The course takes place in Sao Paulo, but is also broadcasted to other states. So far, we had 76 participants coming from 11 states, and 20 organizations engaged in 2 cohorts. Our plan is to offer the YCL Brazil course every semester, with in-person activities happening in 3 cities through our YCL Hubs. We expect to train at least 90 young leaders per semester with our flagship program for Brazil, reaching thousands more with our YCL Hubs spread out over the country and through ambassadors at universities and schools.

Climate change, like Game of Thrones’ white walkers, is something too big, complex and out of our daily lives’ concerns. To really understand it, one must see and feel it for oneself. Therefore, to build the next generation of climate leaders, we created a unique experience: one multicultural immersion to learn more about climate change in theory, understand it in practice, and work on hands-on projects with other young people. During program, participants will work part-time on a common group project and attend lectures and field visits about climate science, international cooperation, climate finance and other topics in which YCLs must excel. 

Linked with the topics highlighted by the research and bootcamps, our trainee program will select talents for existing vacancies offered by partner organizations. After they are selected, YCL Trainees will join a preparatory course, counting with our support throughout the whole process. For 2020, we plan to start with opportunities at local governments and prepare trainees to conduct Vulnerability Capacity Risk Assessments. The training will be divided between an online part focused on the tools and methodologies used on those assessments, and an in-person immersion applying the tools in the field in partnership with a local government. 

3) Give Scholarships for YCL Learning Journeys:

YCL Brazil course
R$ 2,500/participant

YCL 2019 Immersion
USD 1,990/participant

4) YCL in-company services:

Lectures, Workshops and Courses: YCL staff and members can give exclusive lectures and facilitate 4-6 hour workshops for your organization. We can also adapt YCL learning journeys to create exclusive trainings for your team.

Among the topics for our Lectures, Workshops and Courses are:
·       Climate Science
·       The future of work
·       Financing Climate Action
·       Sustainable Development for Government
·       Climathon (Hackathon on Climate Change)
·       Accelerator of Climate Initiatives

5) Consultancies:

The YCL Network is getting ready to act as a consulting company in the field of climate, allocating its members in projects according to the needs and challenges of each client. In addition to young talents from 20 countries, we also have leading professionals and researchers as mentors, and more than 30 institutional partners worldwide. We rely on a pool of talents with diverse backgrounds and expertise, as well as innovative methodologies to foster climate action.  

6) Donate for YCL:

Help us to train more young people, create exclusive content and develop new learning journeys.