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Uma plataforma que acolhe, promove e impulsiona pessoas, carreiras e oportunidades na área de clima e sustentabilidade.

We help young talents take the first, and hardest step towards realizing their climate careers.


HOW YCL can help your career?

Interested in boosting your career in climate change? YCL is here for you to help you with that!  

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join the ycl course!

With 98% approval, the YCL Course is a 2-month training course for those looking to have a general notion of the climate career, conducted in portuguese.

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join the ycl network!

Portuguese speakers: subscribe to our network to gain access to our platform and join our network, an ecosystem of networking,  access to vacancies  and other benefits.

Desenvolvedores do sexo feminino

be mentored by a ycl climate expert!

Tailor made sessions for young professionals to meet a climate expert, to seek advice, new perspectives, and to develop a career plan.


Spread out over 20+ countries, the YCL Network is GLOBAL.

Encompassing students, researchers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, mentors, influencers, government and community representatives, our network  leverages impact ensuring that local efforts are part of a global movement.

  • 1000 Alumni by the end of 2021

  • 90 YCL Mentors

  • 13 YCL Hubs in Brazil

  • 55 Partner organizations

Global Partners


YCL is built through constructive partnerships and innovative projects.
Your organization can also be a part of this youth-powered movement!
We believe that human rights and the climate crisis are not separated issues.

YCL understand that a decarbonized society cannot flourish without addressing against systemic discrimination. Therefore, we extend scholarships low-income participants.and ensure that we have a diverse network, and assure that our network is diverse and inclusive. 40% of our alumni received financial support to join our learning journeys and our network


We also adopt intersectional lenses to all our activities and programs, by referring more women and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) professionals. We encourage you to gather forces with us in this movement, by supporting us financially, and helping us in sponsoring more scholarships.


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