One trip around the world to learn more about climate change in theory, understand it in practice, and work on hands-on projects with other young people. 


Climate change is something too big, complex and out of our daily lives' concerns. To really understand it, one must see and feel it for oneself. Therefore, to build the next generation of climate leaders, we are designing a unique experience.


Our main goal is to empower a diverse group of young leaders from all over the world with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to be used right now to address climate change. 





20-30th of July 

30th of July to 28th of August



A 40-day itinerary exploring two countries: France and Kenya.

 The immersion will combine professional development activities (group project and visits to key organizations), cultural events and individual coaching.



First, we will start in Paris, France, which is a strategic place due to its importance for climate governance. Participants will have an induction week there, in which they will get to know each other, learn more about the program, and have lectures with key actors in climate international policy.

From Paris, we will go to Kenya to start the immersion part of the program. Kenya was chosen due to its assets on sustainable development cooperation, as it hosts several international agencies (e.g. United Nations Environmental Programme) and its importance as a key regional player in Africa.


Participants will join the program to learn more about climate change and experience it in different countries, but also to get professional experience in the field.


During the immersion phase, they will thus work as part-time volunteers on a real consultancy, taking advantage of the diverse background of YCLs.


They will also document their overall experience with videos and bi-weekly blog posts.


 We believe that YCLs experiences will also inspire other people from all over the world, sensitizing them about the importance of tackling climate change and change their own behaviors.


Participants will attend lectures about climate science, international cooperation, climate finance and other topics. They will be able to choose among preselected free online courses (e.g. Professor Jeffrey Sachs' Age of Sustainable Development), which will be taken with additional guidance from the YCL Team.


Other skill-based courses, such as Theory U, active listening and creative writing, will also be available.


Individual and collective coaching will help YCLs to discover more about themselves and how to put their knowledge in service of others.

Participants will attend intensive courses on leadership, psychology and other issues. At the same time, they will work with mentors to set up their life and

career goals, leaving the immersion

with a clear action plan.


The YCL team will also connect them with key organizations and contacts, following up their professional development over time.


All participants will join an exclusive network of YCL alumni, a community of practice with members from different countries and diverse experiences working on climate change.


We will also invite mentors and partner organizations to join the network, who will help us by sharing job opportunities and advising community members. 



The Field Placement will be assigned with a partner organization, enabling participants to increase their work experience on climate change and use skills acquired during the immersion. Participants stay up to 3 months with their hosts, from September to November. There will be several options of organizations and thematic areas, and we plan to have most of opportunities based in Africa this year to take advantage of the lessons learned in Kenya.



Another opportunity available to YCLs will be to join our Delegation to COP 24, in Poland, around 3-14 December. We will help participants with accreditation and accommodation arrangements, preparatory webinars and daily check-ins during the Conference. We hope to partner with a country delegation, linking participants with diplomats and organizations needing assistance during the Conference.



Cassia Moraes

Cassia has expertise in sustainable development and international cooperation, and holds a MPA in Development Practice degree from Columbia University. Currently, she works at the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, a multi-stakeholder organization that advises the country’s government. Cassia has also worked at CIVICUS, the Brazilian Mission at the UN, the UNDP, and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), where she facilitated the “2014 Amazon Summer School” and assisted Professor Jeffrey Sachs’ course “The Age of Sustainable Development”. 

More info:

Founder and CEO and Partnerships Lead

Evelyn Araripe

Evelyn Araripe is the Executive Director of Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil, managing the organization and coordinating its partnerships and fundraising. She is a journalist with post-graduate degree in environmental education and a Masters student at the Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCAR), where she researches how to engage children and young people on climate change. Evelyn is also German Chancellor Fellowship for Tomorrow’s Leaders fellow.

CFO and Communications Lead

Fernanda Matsuoka

Fernanda has a degree from the Hotel Management School and holds a MBA from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). Fernanda works at the travel industry since 2005 and wants to share her passion for traveling with the world. Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to experience different hotels and visit more than 40 countries. She is currently working as the Sales Manager of De L’Europe Amsterdam.

Logistics Director

Flavia Bellaguarda

Flavia is a lawyer with expertise in environment and climate change. She holds a Master’s degree in International Development - Sustainability, Environment and Politics at University of Birmingham, focusing her research topic on climate justice in Mozambique. She has also studied sustainability at Schumacher College. Before joining the YCL team, Flavia worked as a Project Manager at United Way Brasil, developing and implementing educational projects for youth throughout Brazil.  

Partnerships Director

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav is the National Knowledge Solutions Specialist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB). He is consultant, policy advisor and program manager. Gaurav is an engineer with masters in International and European Security from Geneva. He is German Chancellor Fellow for Tomorrow’s leaders and Crans Montana New Leader for Future. He holds a post graduate diploma in International Humanitarian laws, Human Rights laws and Refugee laws. He loves travelling and ideating

Field Manager

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Field Coordinator - Kenya

Sahlim Charles is a communication expert with over 5 years’ experience. He has worked in both private sector and development field. He is the Founding Director of Operations for The CARROT Co., a Pan-African research, mobilization and campaign company based in Nairobi. Charles has extensively worked with grassroot organizations, youth-led initiatives and is a mentor, filmmaker and social media expert.


Field Coordinator - Kenya

David has Diploma in Community Development and Social work

from Diakonia Institute and has training in community organizing. He currently works as Kijani Forest for Change’s Community

Relations Manager, and he is also the Program Coordinator for Plant-for-the-Planet in Kenya. David is a passionate activist for social justice, climate change and wellbeing.  He is currently pursuing a Bachelors’ of Arts degree in Sociology at the University of Nairobi.


Field Coordinator - Paris

Gael Moraes has a Masters degree in International Security from Sciences Po and is a Masters student at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins, focusing in Finance and Development.  



Reverte's co-founder, Rodrigo has more than 20 years of experience in marketing in large agencies and as a consultant. Illustrator, art director and creation director, he is always looking for the best ways to support good causes with his communication skills, using new models to achieve different results.


Coaching and Curriculum Development

Cesar is the co-founder of Core, a social enterprise focused in bridging the gap in multi-stakeholder collaboration processes in pressing subjects such as Education, Social Inclusion and Climate Change. As an educator and social innovation consultant, he teaches a variety of subjects such as dialogue, nonviolent communication, Theory U and Group Facilitation.


Coaching and Curriculum Development

Eduardo is a facilitator, political activist and writer, and holds a Master's degree in Reflexive Social Practice from the London Metropolitan University. He is an expert in facilitation of multi-stakeholder decision-making processes and formation of new leaderships, and is currently working on his second book, "The Void in Power - Reinventing the Political Being”.