An all-day summit — #24on24 — of virtual events to engage people from around the world through opportunities in the building of a zero-carbon economy

The Day of the Climate Professional (DCP) is an annual initiative to mobilize individuals worldwide to celebrate the professionals who work every day to tackle the climate crisis, raising awareness to their actions and initiatives while inspiring more people to dedicate their lives and careers to the promotion of a more just and sustainable world.

  • 20,000 young people

    engaged worldwide

  • 100+ organizations involved

    including companies, foundations, universities and startups

  • 50+ events broadcasted

    about different subjects in climate change

  • 500+ climate


    such as internships, job vacancies and scholarships

  • Featured in 10+ countries

    across 4 continents

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The challenge of transforming the world has already started - let's do this together!


The mounting impacts from climate change-induced events and “new normals” are at a dangerous precipitous, inciting political and societal disruptions. Luckily, across the world, thousands of solutions—climate professionals—are doing just this. Taking action by inventing, supporting, entrepreneuring, teaching, investing and working to build a just, zero-carbon climate economy.

At a moment that demands cooperation on levels never seen before in modern times, involving every individual and every sector of society, the Day of the Climate Professional (DCP) will convene accessible spaces where individuals can connect and engage with the women and men who devote their day-to-day to accelerating climate solutions. Sharing their everyday experiences and examples from their work to relate topics that are too often perceived as abstract and unrelated to too many of our everyday lives.

The DCP will celebrate these individuals who devote their work to tackling the greatest challenge of the 21st Century. A day when individuals can join intersectional conversations to better understand the diverse solutions, obstacles, and research pertinent to the climate crisis and how they impact their own lives. A day to demonstrate the importance of working to tackle climate change through varied professions and sectors of society, while demystifying access to vacancies across the diverse areas of the climate economy. 

Are you ready to stand for the solution with us?

Barack Obama

"We are the first generation to see the effects of the climate crisis, and the last that can do something about it"

How does it work?

All are welcomed to co-create the Day of the Climate Professional, and participate for free! Impact aligned individuals and organizations are invited to submit a proposal to host events, activities, and actions. All are encouraged to submit proposals. Activities will be broadcasted prominently on YCL's YouTube channel and on the event's landing page. Some suggested activity options:

  • Talks with Experts

    discuss their work or professional experiences with participants

  • Debates

    convene professionals from different areas to debate pertinent topics

  • Workshops

    practical activities under the facilitation of a specialist or climate professional

  • Online Book Signing

    an author presents and discusses their book, exposé, article, or other written work(s) with participants

  • Film Screening

    special showing of a film, video, or documentary to sensibilize the crowd with the urgency of action

  • Open Forum

    short-duration activities empowered by participants from the crowd

  • Marketplace

    a space showcasing climate-conscious products and services

  • Climate Career Fair

    featuring employers across the climate economy promoting their organizations' vacancies: internships, job offers, etc



  • Either if you are a professional in the field, or a student interested in learning about the possible climate careers, you can register to the DPC for FREE! 

  • The DCP is the perfect opportunity to position your organization among young professionals and specialists in the field of climate change!

  • You are invited to submit your proposals to host an event during the DPC. The initiative can come either from you as an individual professional or an organization.​

While waiting for November 24th, visit our dedicated page with opportunities in climate change

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About YCL

Created in 2018, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) trains and connects young people with networks and opportunities to build a career in the area of ​​climate and sustainability. We aim to empower 1 million young people to lead climate projects as part of a global network. We believe that it is possible to catalyze the professional futures of young people through education and bridging the gaps with organizations that already operate in the sector. After being trained by a YCL program, participants become a part of the YCL Network, a global community of practice with members from different areas of expertise. By June 2020, YCL is comprised of over 200 YCL Fellows from 20 countries.

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