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An all-day virtual summit to boost your career in climate change


The Day of the Climate Professional (DCP), celebrated on November 24, is an annual date to celebrate and catalyse the professionals accelerating solutions to the climate crisis. 


The 2020 inaugural edition was marked by an all-day virtual summit—networking activities, workshops, keynote presentations, interactive Q&As, and more—fostering reflections and actions on the interdisciplinary of climate change, its urgency, and the importance of working to tackle it through varied professions and sectors of society.

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    Empowered by YCL, along with the most prestigious speakers!

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    Presentations & workshops empowered by young leaders and oganizations!


    Presentations & workshops empowered by young leaders and oganizations!


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Confirmed Guest Speakers

  • ANA


    Founder - Rede Mulher Empreendedora (RME)






    Deputy Regional Director  LATAM at C40 Cities




    FRACTAL Business



    Member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory


    High Level Climate Champion for COP25 to UNFCCC




Events in English

Events in Portuguese

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    Alex Bretas, Community Designer

    Cassia Moraes, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL)

    Tom Moore, Mandalah Inovation Consultants


    Special participantion:

    Fritjof Capra, Scientist and Educator Activist

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Food & Climate: a two-way relationship

    Cassia Moraes, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) Felipe Vilela, Renature

    Gustavo Bottino, SOIL - Vegan Café

    Sara Roversi, Future Food Institute (FFI)

    Shweta Sood, 50by40

    Stephen Michael, WTH Foods

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Repensando consumo e o lixo na crise climática

    Elissa Fichtler, Pimp My Carroça

    Daniela Delfini, Sustentaoquê

    JP Amaral, Instituto Alana

    Tiago Bonatelli, ROUTE Brasil

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Regenerative Agriculture & Landscapes

    Adam Newman, Favela INC

    Ben Valks, Black Jaguar Foundation

    Christine Gould, Thought for Food (TFF)

    Pedro Boareto, FAO

    Paula Costa e Valter Ziantoni, Terra Preta

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Landing a climate job in the third sector

    Angela Morgado, WWF Portugal

    Davi Martins, Greenpeace Brasil

    Evelyn Araripe, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL)

    Ilan Zugman, 350.ORG

    Gabriel Ribenboim, Instituto Welight

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    How to finance the transition to carbon-neutral societies?

    Haysam Azhar, YCL Fellow

    Helen Clarkson, CEO The Climate Group

    Linda Murasawa, Low Carbon Economy Specialist Ludovino Lopes, Ludovino Lopes Lawyers

    Ricardo Gravina, Climate Ventures

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    INSIGHTS for LANDING A climate job

    Carla May, The Climate Group

    Daniel Kreeger, Assoc. CC Officers (ACCO)

    Francine Trevillato, HR Specialist

    Iara Vicente, Nossa Terra Firme Consultoria Priscilla Santos, Política Por Inteiro

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Taking Action: Declaring a Climate Emergency

    Kate Sandle, B Corp UK

    Charmian Love, B Lab UK

    Kaya Axelsson, University of Oxford
    Manoj Kumar, YCL Fellow

    Marina Porto, YCL Fellow & Consultant

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Integrating Climate Change with other Social Movements

    Francis Salema, Fridays for Future Portugal

    Giulia Manccini, RESAMA

    Juliana Russar, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) Leilane Reis, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL)

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Solutions for a Changing Climate

    Fernanda Matsuoka, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) 

    Elena Crete, SDSN

    Elizabeth Bagley, Drawdown Project

    Frederik van Deurs, Green Innovation Group

    Solomon Goldstein-Rose, The 100% Solution

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Building Resilient Cities: the Way Forward

    Chris Castro, City of Orlando

    Flavia Maia, Obama Fellow

    Gisela Provasi, C40 Cities

    Rodrigo Perpétuo, ICLEI South America

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    The Race to Zero: Negotiating the transition

    Gonzalo Muñoz High-Level Climate Champion 
    Sophie Wilson Fashion, Retail, and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Sector Lead at COP26

    Daniela Lerario Nature-Based Solutions Co-lead and Brazil Lead at COP26

    Jorge Gastelumendi Senior Advisor - Resilience & Finance for COP26 High-Level Climate Champions and Director of Global Policy at the Atlantic Council

    Nisreen Elsaim UN Sec.-General Youth Advisor

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Green New Deals for Brazil, Europe and the USA

    Helena Freitas, Expert European Commission

    Ilan Cuperstein, C40 Cities

    Joaquim Levy, Former Minister in Brazil

    Sara Nyberg, South Pole

    Saul Levin, Senior Climate Advisor

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Empreender pelo clima

    Alexandre Alves, Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA)

    Amanda Lima, Instituto MeViro

    Ana Fontes, Rede Mulher Empreendedora (RME)

    João Pacífico, Grupo Gaia

    Osmar Bambini, Sintecsys

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples as the original Climate Professionals

    Carlos Nobre, Climate Scientist

    Gabriela Sampaio, (FAS)

    Jósimo Constant (Puyanawa)

    Sineia do Vale, Conselho Indígena Roraima (CIR)

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Climate professionals in the private sector: what are the opportunities?

    Felipe Bittencourt, WayCarbon

    Laura Guaitolini, Schneider Electric

    Luciana Brandão, Semente Negócios
    Marcelo Behar, Natura & Co
    Renata Van Der Weken, AMBEV

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    O clima no Brasil:  educação, direitos humanos, emprego e sustentabilidade

    Alessandro Molon, Deputado Federal  (PSB-RJ) Amanda Costa, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) Cassia Moraes, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) Tulio Gadelha, Deputado Federal (PDT-PE) Rodrigo Agostinho, Deputado Federal (PSB-SP)

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Climate Professionals at International Organizations

    Carlo Pereira, UN Global Compact

    Daphne Besen, UN-Habitat

    Marianna Albuquerque, Centro Brasil Clima (CBC) Raul Salazar, UNDRR


  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Alimentação, Agricultura e Clima

    Alessandra Luglio, (SVB)

    Clarissa Canova, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) Gustavo Guadagnini, Good Food Institute

    Isadora Bertoli, UFSC Sem Plástico

    Jônatas Mesquita, Beleaf

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    The future of climate education

    Andy Dosmann, Minerva Schools

    Jaimie Cloud, Cloud Institute
    Kate Guy, University of Oxford

    Julianna Gwiszcz, Arizona State University Leonildes Nazar, Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Impulsionando a transição: energia para um clima melhor

    Ana Souza, Litro de Luz

    Eduardo Avila, Revolusolar

    Fabio Rusca, Subsea Cables Consultant

    Marcello Storrer, ABEMAR

  • play-icon-png-6.png

    Chris Yalonis, VenturePad
    Jose Daniel Convers, Biospen SAS
    Brianna Kilcullen, Anact
    Nathaniel Cuper
    Katherinne Romero, TECHO
    Hsiung, U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Dealing with climate anxiety at all ages

    Liz Moyer, We Heal for All

    Maria Palha, Be Human

    Britt Wray, Gen Dread

  • play-icon-png-6.png
    Climate Adaptation: we have to start now

    Clara de Queiroz, YCL Fellow

    Érica Tavares, Ecoangola

    Joshua Amponsem, Gl. Center  Adaptation (GCA)

    Sergio Margulis, Senior Research Associate at International Institute for Sustainability (IIS)
    Unelker Maoga, Konservation

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side events in english




  • A positive and sustainable social change by youth action!

    REALIZED BY: Anicet Sawadogo, from the African Youth Initiative for Development association (AYID), in Burkina Faso

  • Entrepreneurship in young people through waste : empowered by a 17-year old girl

    REALIZED BY: Patricia Makele, from Makele Youth Drive, in Kenya

  • Live Debate: 

    Pathways for a sustainable economy in Africa -imagining the world after
    COVID-19, and how MSMEs are the Key

    Realized by: Gift Nyambura, Climate Activist from Kenya

  • Live Debate: Race to Zero: How to decarbonize the world economy before 2050


    Raimondo Orsini, Regeneration 2030

    Giuditta Celli, PNRA-CNR
    Alessandro Armillotta, AWorld

    Oscar di Montigny, Flowe
    Nicola Tagliafierro, Circular Economy at Enel X
    Valentino Magliaro, Humans to Humans

  • Workshop - Climate Literacy:

    an exchange


    David Crookall, International Oceans-Climate School

    Pimnutcha Promduangsri

    Pariphat Promduangsri

  • Travelling in America

    The Climate Journey:

    start your own chapter

    Climate Journey & Faro Innovation
    w/ Jesus Iglesias Saugar, Natascha Wahlberg Macías

  • globalclimatepledge.png

    Be part of the largest, fastest, and most inclusive climate movement on the planet. 


    Make the Pledge TODAY! 
    As an Individual or As an Organization

  • Engaging citizens: Examples from Méditerranée 2000


    Pariphat Promduangsri, 18-year old intern from Mediteranee 2000

  • Workshop - Diminishing Resources

    create a framework for effectively identifying and solving problems

  • Let's save the lomas: opportunities & barriers for the collective action at Lomas de Pamplona in Lima, Peru

    REALIZED BY: Evelyn Salas Alfaro, YCL Fellow

  • Move the Water! A method of reversing Global Warming using Natural Processes.


    Wayne Meulendyk, Director of Active Climate Rescue Initiative, in USA

  • Live Talk: Behind scenes of an youth climate project in El Salvador


    Alejandra Rivera, Let's do it! El Salvador

  • Get Climate Savvy with Adaptation Action

    REALIZED BY: EcoAdapt, from the USA

    Jennie Hoffman, Adaptation Insight, EcoAdapt

    Lara Hansen, Chief Scientist, EcoAdapt

    Molly Johnson, Program Assistant, EcoAdapt

  • Climate Interactive Workshop:

    EN-Roads Simulation to help you choose your climate profession


    Yasmeen Zahar, Climate Interactive

  • Christine & Guests:
    with Finian Makepeace co-founder of Kiss the Ground, org behind 
    Kiss The Ground the Movie on Netflix

  • Workshop - Ethics & Environment in Tech: social and environmental ramifications of technology we build.



  • Workshop - Becoming A Climate Justice Activist: what it means to be an activist and how tuse your story to impact issues you care about

    Realized by:

    Our Climate

  • Regenerative Building Solutions

    Realized by:

    Rohan Guyot-Sutherland, Founder and CEO of Regenerative Systems 

  • Los Angeles

    RECAP - Hollywood Climate Summit

    climate action in entertainment

     >> Explore the
    Action Guide

  • Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 11.30.33

    CAN YOU HEAR US: an impact campaign intro for I Am Greta, a Hulu Original Documentary.

    Realized by:

     CanYouHearUs Campaign