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The mission of empowering climate careers became as big as the climate crisis itself, therefore we have created an ambitious scaling plan to match the challenge we are facing. And after these 2 years of activities, we have developed the experience, skills, networks and passion to take our work to the next level. But to achieve our mission to train one million young people by 2030, we need your support! Therefore we invite you to make a donation to sponsor our activities.



SCHOLARSHIPS: One of the main pillars of YCL training is the diversity of the selected participants, which is why we make great efforts to provide scholarships to young leaders that has a great potential, but do not have the resources to join our network. 


MAINTENANCE OF THE YCL LOCAL HUBS: Our local hubs are in the field, offering not only the necessary structure, but also proposing local projects and activities. They are dedicated to mobilization of the Network locally, as well as expansion and management of partnerships with organizations that will offer professional opportunities for our network. 

EVENTS AND OTHER INITIATIVES:Y YCL goes beyond 'giving a voice' to young people by providing training and concrete opportunities to act now, start or advance in their impact careers. Your donation will help us empowering our inititiatives, such as the Day of the Climate Professional, YCL labs, that has impact in thousands of young people around the world.

By August 2020, 40% of our fellows received financial support from YCL, with the support from our donations! See their testimonials below:
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    from India, received a scholarship to join the YCL 2019 Immersion. He got a job in agroforestry in less than 6 months after.


    "YCL gave me a platform to interact with the future climate leaders from around the globe which not only opened a new dimension in me regarding climate change but also YCL equipped with the right tools and techniques I needed to land my dream job, which would be impossible without their support.

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    from Brazil, joined YCL in 2019 join our Brazil Course thanks to a scholarship provided by YCL. After one year, he got a position at  the Alana Institute.

    danilo farias

    "As a low-income young black person, receiving a scholarship from YCL was tremendous to my career. The access to the YCL Network allowed me to establish contacts and partnerships in the area of ​​climate change, as well as mentoring. YCL aims to democratize their spaces by increasing representation of black and low-income people, therefore deserves full support and visibility in their actions".

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    from Morocco, joined the YCL 2019 Immersion through to our scholarship. After the immersion, she won the prize Green Talents 2019 in Germany


    "My participation in the Immersion encouraged me to present my job to the world, which led me to winning the Green Talents Prize in that same year! YCL opened my eyes to my potential in a unique format that connects very well with young people like me, therefore I am grateful for the scholarship and the opportunity to join this unique network!

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Created in 2018, Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) trains and connects young people with networks and opportunities to build a career in the area of ​​climate and sustainability. We aim to empower 1 million young people to lead climate projects as part of a global network. We believe that it is possible to catalyze the professional futures of young people through education and bridging the gaps with organizations that already operate in the sector. After being trained by a YCL program, participants become a part of the YCL Network, a global community of practice with members from different areas of expertise. By June 2020, YCL is comprised of over 200 YCL Fellows from 20 countries.


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We are a global youth leadership network catalyzing climate professionals. 

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