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YCL mentoring is a unique opportunity for young people to discuss their professional aspirations with an experienced professional, whether they are at the beginning of the professional path or interested in making a career transition.

In addition to advice and new perspectives, the mentor also has the role of being provocative and asking questions that you have not previously asked, which will help you to define the clear action plan for your short, medium or long term growth goals.

to better serve different moments of your professional career

1 session with a climate specialist

Description: Session with a climate expert, to delve into the areas that you are interested in or want to get closer to. There are more than 70 specialists in our network. Each session lasts 1 hour. You can hire more than one.

Objective: To broaden the vision of your scenario, promoting connection, networking, and engagement with the area that acts or wants to act.

Who it is for: ideal if you want to solve a specific point and already have well-defined career goals.

R$ 250

USD 56
EUR 48

YCL mentoring journey with 4 sessions

Description: Composed of 3 sessions with a mentor to help you define and develop your career plan, followed by a conversation with a climate expert. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Objective: to help guide your climate career, increase your chances of achieving your professional goals in the area.

Who it is for: if you want to start a climate career, whether you are a student or a recent graduate, or want to redirect the route in this direction, with professional experience in the field or not.

R$ 997

USD 197
EUR 177


Price in Euros and US Dollars are estimated, as the services are hired in Reais (Brazilian currency). 

All prices are subject to change and shall be confirmed at time of purchase.

Member of the YCL network takes advantage of 40% discount in all the mentoring packages!  


How the YCL Mentoring process Works


You hire the Mentoring sessions

YCL will contact you to settle the preparation for the mentorship

You meet your mentor for the sessions

YCL will follow up the mentoring

and settle the payment of the sessions via this link.

The accepted paying method in the platform is by credit card. If you'd prefer to make a deposit in Euros, please contact us directly by email.

YCL will send you a form for you to identify your expectations and also select the best mentor that match your needs. 

We also send you the orientations so you can prepare to benefit the mentoring sessions the most.

Once you are connected with your mentor, you will schedule directly with him or her the best time and hour for both of you.

The communication channel is chosen at you and your mentor's choice  (Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Whereby, etc.).

At the end of the sessions, both mentor and mentored will fill a form to assure that the meeting was positive.

You can also contact YCL at any moment to ask for adjustments and discuss your mentoring journey with our team.

What to expect:

  • Active listening to mentors, without judgment or discrimination

  • A safe space for you to share your ambitions and trajectory

  • Exchange of experiences with the purpose of bringing you closer to your goals

  • Tips and suggestions on how you can reach your professional goal

  • Willingness and interest on the part of the mentor to assist you

What NOT to expect:

  • Guarantee of professional relocation or job / internship opportunity

  • Ensure success in a selection process for national or international postgraduate studies

  • That the mentor will have an answer to ALL your doubts

  • That the mentor will refer you to your personal contacts in order to get a job opportunity.

  • Resume formatting or preparation for job interviews

Untitled design.png

Do you want to become a YCL Mentor? 

Apply to become one by filling up THIS FORM!



What our clients have to say about their mentoring experience:


If you do not have the means to pay for the mentoring services, we invite you to fill up THIS FORM to apply for a mentoring session sponsored by the YCL donors.

And if you have the means, please consider being a YCL Donor and help us sponsoring mentoring sessions for leaders that do not have the means to pay for the service.

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