YCL is built through constructive partnerships across the globe. 
Your organization can also be a part of this youth-powered network!

Our main goal is to empower a diverse group of young leaders from all over the world with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to be used right now to address climate change. With this unique approach, we thus transform a daunting challenge as the climate crisis into an opportunity to include millions of young people through the new climate economy. Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) provides innovative solutions to the climate crisis. Through structured channels and methodologies, we are positioned to focus the energy and passion of thousands of young leaders on supporting innovative projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Explore some of our partnership opportunities below or contact us to discuss them further! 

1. Share Opportunities

Do you want to hire a passionate, skilled and innovative employee for a project or job related to climate change? Forward your vacancy announcement to us and we will share it on our website or send a tailored list with recommended candidates from the YCL Network!


You can also hire us to conduct recruitment for climate-related vacancies or host a YCL Fellow for an exclusive Field Placement. While young professionals have exclusive access to relevant professional experience, host organizations benefit from having skilled and engaged trainees to boost their climate initiatives. Our tailored matchmaking methodology ensures a good fit and that each project meets unique objectives and needs, making the experience fruitful for both parts.

YCL Country courses:
The course “Climate Leadership for the 21st Century”, currently available in Brazil and Portugal, advocates that individual and collective transformations should go together. In this context, a new kind of education should develop skills that combine theory and practice. The initiative is our flagship program for national Hubs, directly aligned with the experiences and opportunities offered by our Global Network. During the course, participants count with individual mentorship, supporting their transition to climate careers. The course is online with in person activities and projects tied to YCL Hubs in Brazil and Portugal.

YCL Immersions:
To build the next generation of climate leaders, we created a unique experience: one multicultural immersion to learn more about climate change in theory, understand it in practice, and work on hands-on projects with other young people. During program, participants will work part-time on a common group project and attend lectures and field visits about climate science, international cooperation, climate finance and other topics in which YCLs must excel. 

YCL Bootcamps:
Our bootcamps select talents for existing vacancies offered by partner organizations. After they are selected, YCL Trainees will join a preparatory course, counting with our support throughout the whole process. Potential topics are Government & Climate Change, Vulnerability Capacity Risk Assessments, Project Management for Climate Practitioners, among others. The training might be divided between an online part focused on the tools and methodologies used on those assessments, and an in-person immersion applying the tools in the field in partnership with a local government.  

3. Give Scholarships for YCL Learning Journeys:


YCL is motivated by an intimate understanding of the ways in which young people continue to face impediments in attaining meaningful and rewarding work that positions them to shape climate solutions. To address these gaps, YCL is building structures to support members in finding employment through their participation in YCL programming, while increasing the number of climate leaders working together to contribute to systemic change.

YCL 2020 Immersion

Starts at EUR 850 per participant

YCL Country courses

Starts at EUR 300/R$ 1.500 per participant 

YCL staff and members can give exclusive lectures and facilitate 4-6 hour workshops for your organization. We can also adapt YCL learning journeys to create exclusive trainings for your team.

Among the topics for our Lectures, Workshops and Courses are:
·       Climate Science
·       The future of work
·       Financing Climate Action
·       Sustainable Development for Government
·       Climathon (Hackathon on Climate Change)
·       Accelerator of Climate Initiatives

The YCL Network is ready to act as a consulting company in the field of climate, allocating its members in projects according to the needs and challenges of each client. In addition to young talents from 20 countries, we also have leading professionals and researchers as mentors, and more than 30 institutional partners worldwide. We rely on a pool of talents with diverse backgrounds and expertise, as well as innovative methodologies to foster climate action.

We are working to tackle youth unemployment while increasing the number of skilled climate professionals to solve one of this century’s most pressing challenges. If you believe in the impact of education and opportunities on young people's lives, please consider donating for our projects. Your collaboration is essential to increase our systemic impact as a global network, thereby training more young people, creating exclusive content and boost climate projects.