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YCL is built through constructive partnerships and innovative projects.
Your organization can also be a part of this youth-powered movement!

Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) provides innovative solutions to the climate crisis. Through structured channels and methodologies, we are positioned to focus the energy and passion of thousands of young leaders on supporting innovative projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our main goal is to empower a diverse group of young leaders from all over the world with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to be used right now to address climate change. With this unique approach, we thus transform a daunting challenge as the climate crisis into an opportunity to include millions of young people through the new climate economy.


Here is how we can develop innovative projects together:


If you are looking for innovative climate solutions for your organization:

You can hire YCL to develop a tailor-made project for your organisation! We are equiped with innovative methodologies to help your organization foster climate action, in different formats such as:

- Courses & Workshops
- Lectures
- Events & Hackatons

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If you are an organization in the area of climate and sustainability:

You can join our network and become a YCL partner! Gain access to among portguese-speaking climate experts and young audiences. Hereby are the requirements to become a partner:


- Share the YCL values

- Support YCL team and network members in our activities and initiatives

If you have further questions, you can ask us by Whatsapp or email :)

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what ycl can do for your organization

Hereby are the services and projects we develop:

Do you want to develop a project with YCL?


lectures, Courses

& workshops

Bring the climate agenda to your organization in an innovative way, on tailor made activities about different topics.

organization of events & hackatons

We have an extensive experience in organizing events, conferences, talks and hackatons, especially if they are oriented to the young public.

YCL TAlks: voices of the youth

YCL Network members represent the voices of the youth in more than 200 events per year. Hire activists or climate specialist to talk about the climate agenda at your event, lecture or webinar.


Hire YCL for consultancy in areas such as stakeholder mapping and international climate cooperation, among others.

topics we work

We develop projects around the following topics:

u theory &

circular & GREEN

climate justice & advocacy

The future of work

 Prototyping innovative ideas

amazon & bioeconomy

sust. develop. goals (SDGs)

climate finance & esg practices

youth & climate anxiety


Organizations that had tailor-made projects developed with YCL:


Do you want to develop a project with YCL?