10 lessons to inspire your climate career in 2021!

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Inspired by the Day of the Climate Professional (DCP). Written by Fernanda Matsuoka

How will you boost your career in this new year? To help you with this mission, we took inspiration from the more than 70 events we hosted during the first edition of the Day of the Climate Professional (DCP), and prepared a list with 10 lessons our speakers shared with us during the panel in a blog post, to inspire your career resolutions for 2021! We hope that you leave this reading as inspired as we were when we finished our journey realising this unique event! Enjoy it!

Lesson #1: To work in the 21st century, we need to navigate through complex challenges and implement radical changes. To thrive, we need resilience, continuous learning, interconnectivity, creativity, discipline, innovation and courage. Read more in our panel about the Future of Work HERE.

LESSON #2: It is crucial to make a shift to change our food systems, by drastically reduce our meat and diary consumption and moving towards a plant-based diet. This is possible through technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in agriculture. Read more about this in our panel about Food and climate HERE.

LESSON #3: The work in an NGO is inspiring but not an easy one - there is a lot of work and emotional stress from seeing the impacts of the climate on a daily basis, it is important to remain positive and have a kind attitude. Resilience, multitask, professionalism and empathy are among the most appreciated skills. Learn more about our panel in about working in NGO's HERE.

LESSON #4: Limiting climate change requires a major change of mindset to allocate our capital to develop and produce a different way of living on this planet and avoid the adverse effects of climate change through a holistic view. Read more about our panel about Financing the climate transition HERE.

LESSON #5: The new and low-carbon economy requires a broad and complex set of skills, therefore requires new career trajectories. People were used to being seen as part of a one-box, and now there is an invitation to be disruptive. Climate awareness is expected from any well performed future professional. Learn more about the panel on insights about job seekers in climate HERE.

LESSON #6: Climate professionals in city planning should also take into account all the solutions that we already developed. Put differently, we should not focus on the restrictions, but on the opportunities! Learn more about building resilient cities HERE.

Lesson#7: We need to improve our lifestyles towards the indigenous people, as they are absorbing 200 tons of CO2 per year, while the western people emits thousands of tons of carbon. We can do this by connecting them with scientists, to learn their deep knowledge of the biome. Learn more about our panel about the Amazon and the indigenous people as the original climate professionals HERE.

LESSON #8: We need to take a holistic approach to mitigate and adapt to the adverse effects of climate change, not only through the inclusion of all sectors (e.g. infrastructure, health, energy, social), but also by including all actors (government, private sector, scientific community and civil society). Learn more about our panel about professionals in international organizations HERE.

LESSON #9: Businesses all around the world are leading the transition to a green economy. What we see is that the solutions are often already there, but they still need to be scaled up to a higher level. Learn more about our panel about how to build a sustainable business HERE.

LESSON #10: To thrive in the 21st century, we need to navigate through complex challenges and implement radical changes, an education model that prepares, supports, equips and instigates knowledge in action to realize a possible future that is more equal, sustainable, and safe for everyone. Learn more about our panel about the future of climate education HERE.

Now it is your turn - what are the lessons that you aim to take with you for 2021, and which resolutions are you planning to take, based on these lessons? Please share them with us by email!

About the Day of the Climate Professional:

The Day of the Climate Professional (DCP), celebrated on November 24, is an annual date to celebrate and catalyse the professionals accelerating solutions to the climate crisis. The 2020 inaugural edition was marked by an all-day virtual summit—networking activities, workshops, keynote presentations, interactive Q&As, and more—fostering reflections and actions on the interdisciplinary of climate change, its urgency, and the importance of working to tackle it through varied professions and sectors of society. Learn More.



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