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REFLECTIONS - #ycldelegation to #greenbiz21

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The YCL Network received an invitation from our friends at @GreenBiz Group to bring a 10-person delegation to their premier invitation-only event for sustainable business leaders—GreenBiz 21. The annual event convened more than 1,000 professionals online and high-level conversations across 80 sessions delving into the latest trends, tools, and insights shaping companies and jobs today and tomorrow.

The following are reflections and insights from the delegates on the importance of events such as GreenBiz 21 to build intergenerational, intercultural connections and networks like YCL to facilitate these opportunities for professional development. We again want to thank and applaud GreenBiz for facilitating an inclusive and accessible space.


As a scientist and engineer, I tend to engage very minimally with the business and corporate spaces. It was very enlightening for me especially to talk to other young people working in the climate space on policy and shifting public perception, as those are key elements in the shift to a more sustainable world. I was also very glad to see the centering of previously marginalized voices at a traditional business event, and calls to move away from the business-as-usual mindset.

- Sanjana Paul, NASA ASDC Atmospheric Science Software Developer & Earth Hacks Executive Director


One of the biggest benefits of being part of a community, like the YCL Network, is to be able to connect with other like-minded people who work in different areas related to climate change and sustainability. This means making friends with people with the same desire to make a difference while opening new doors professionally and academically. Plus invitations for events, such as GreenBiz, are amazing opportunities to further meet new people and develop professional relationships

- Amanda da Cruz Costa ForbesUnder30, UNODC Youth Ambassador, Youth Climate Leaders Network Mobilizer


I cannot explain the wonderful energy experienced during GreenBiz 21. The event welcomed participants with inspiring voices from activists and young leaders, who occupied the same stage as representatives of the business world, in a clear sign that it is possible to work together, especially through initiatives like YCL, for a better future.

As a biologist, I've always felt connected to environmental and social causes, being very attentive to climate change and marine pollution issues. The opportunity to participate and exchange energy in an event like GreenBiz 21 transformed me as a person and as a professional; reaffirming my learning of the importance of collective work and that the desire to make a difference moves mountains.

As young entrepreneurs and community leaders in the fight against pollution and climate change, having the possibility to talk directly with representatives of large institutions filled us with hope and pride! Yes, we can raise our voices and show the world that small actions contribute to big changes. Thanks, GreenBiz for welcoming us, and thanks to YCL for the opportunity and for believing in our potential as young climate leaders.

Manager Movimento Onda Limpa, Environmental Educator, Waste Management Activist


The GreenBiz event welcomed the participants with inspiring voices from activists and young leaders who occupied the same stage as representatives from the business world.

A clear sign that it is possible to work together for a better future!

- Ana Tereza Viana Researcher at Fundação Getúlio Vargas


The GreenBiz event has sparked strong feelings in

me as a young climate leader. I felt extremely lucky to be close to great representatives of the business world, something almost unbelievable for someone who is at the beginning of their career, and better yet I felt belonging in this space. It was as if our participation as a delegation of young leaders was as important as the participation of large companies in combating climate change and advancing a sustainable future for our world. Opportunities like this are vital to the growth of the new generation of climate leaders.

- Victoria Bastos D'Araujo Climate Change Researcher at Idesam, Youth Climate Leader Fellow


The YCL Network is a space for support, learning, and inspiration. It's where I can clear my daily doubts, find incredible opportunities, talk to people who share my passions, and be inspired by them. YCL has opened doors for me that I could not achieve alone, including participating in the three days of GreenBiz 21!

I was inspired by great leaders, influenced by their actions around the world, and identified with their challenges. I witnessed, at an event about business, people talking about the importance of indigenous perspectives in climate solutions, the capacity of youth in climate leadership, and the urgency for more representation in discussions and decision-making. It has given me so much hope and strengthened my intention to act as a climate leader! I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in an event like this.

- Deborah Ducy, Coordinator of YCL Goiás Hub

& Youth Climate Leader Fellow


The virtual delegation to GreenBiz 21 was coordinated by the YCL HQ Team as part of the organization's YCL Delegations critical professional development opportunities for members of the YCL Global Network to access high-level events and connect with leaders and representatives developing climate solutions across sectors.

Complete List of Delegates:

Amanda da Cruz Costa, Amanda Hsiung, Ana Luísa Mayumi Cardoso de Souza, Ana Tereza Viana, Deborah Ducy Alves de Souza, Manuela Regina Borja, Sanjana Paul, Steven Carlson, Victoria Bastos D'Araujo and Wilco van Varik



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