YCL attended Brazilian Conference on Climate Change (06-08 Nov 2019)

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

For three days, the city of Recife held the Brazilian Climate Conference. The event emerged as an opportunity to foster dialogue on how to resume the path of climate responsibility, societal participation, the consolidation of internal pacts, the strengthening of local policy adaptation programs and development plans, and the expansion of the climate agenda in Brazil.

YCL attended the round table about climate change and youth, where it was stressed further themes such as racism, spirituality, daily actions, threats and the role of indigenous people as key guardians of Earth and role models for the new age that is coming. Brazilian indigenous populations have been in the frontline of climate change for years, and they are also responsible for preserving the Amazon and other vital ecosystems.

“We need to learn about the new world without losing the old one, the ancestral consciousness. Some things we learn with the outside world, but there are things we can learn only from the world from within. We are not looking for an ending, but rather for a new beginning!”

Mirim Ju Ian Guarani, from Engajamundo

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