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YCL Visits in Paris - Part 2

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

- by Ximena (Argentina) and Eduarda (Brazil)

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Wednesday (25.7.18)

The day started with an exciting visit to the National Assembly in Paris. While we were there, we had the chance to visit the main rooms where politicians meet and discuss bills, including the main chamber where negotiations happen and politicians make their speeches. We learned more about the French parliamentary system and about an important discussion that is happening nowadays: France is discussing the change of the first article of their National Constitution to add preserving biodiversity and tackling climate change as core national priorities!

Thursday (26.7.18)

On Thursday morning, some of us went for a bike tour and had very fruitful conversations about low-carbon mobility while others spent time researching at the Cité Universitaire's library. It was an opportunity to experience the city on a totally different perspective, learning how biking can be a fun and effective way to commute throughout France's hectic capital city. YCL's partner Joao Lacerda also talked about his work to promote active mobility to tackle emissions from transportation. Moreover, the activity was aligned with YCL's goal of pushing our group to "walk the talk" and incorporate sustainability into our daily routines. The highlight of the afternoon was our visit to UNESCO, where they presented their work on climate change education, which consists of youth empowerment projects, capacity building and thematic grants.

Friday (27.7.18)

On our last weekday on Paris, we had a climate negotiation workshop given by Caroline Prolo, a Brazilian lawyer specialized in international agreements. After her lecture, we were divided in groups to simulate a real climate negotiation about the global stocktake. Following this activity, the youth-led NGO Climates met us to present their projects on waste management, adaptation and renewables, all involving the engagement of youth. It is important for us to understand how the UN climate change negotiations work because this is the ultimate international deal of our times. This is a negotiation about a new economic order, no longer carbon-based. It is about international cooperation to enable transition to a low carbon economy, and to build resilience to resist the impacts of climate change that are unavoidable. And most importantly, it is about how are we going to ensure that the current and future generations live in a world that is safe from the devastating effects of climate change.

In addition to the #YCL2018Immersion, few of us will also attend COP 24 as an optional activity!


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