One of the critical levers of the YCL Global Network are the YCL HUBS. Serving as channels for the connections between Network members from climate practitioners and experts, to the youth climate leaders.

YCL Hubs are innovation-oriented spaces that act as platforms to coordinate, foster, and multiply climate solutions and activities locally, while being interconnected by the Global YCL Network to facilitate actions beyond regional divides with other Hubs and YCL partners around the world. Thus YCL Hubs serve as focal points for the Network in their respective regions whereby facilitating engagement channels for local YCL Fellows and partners to further learn from one another and collaborate on solutions to the climate crisis. 

YCL Hubs cultivate a dynamic atmosphere of community engagement, idea exchange, and solutions acceleration. As Hubs convene key actors in the fields of climate change and sustainability, including local experts and organizations to complement and promote YCL programming and connect YCL Fellows to field placements and job opportunities in their region. 

Hub activities can include meetings, educational courses & workshops, lectures, and meet & greets organized by Hub Curators. 


Hub Curators will oversee Hub activities and local project development while facilitating 

ongoing coordination with the greater Global YCL Network, including identifying synergies and connecting complementary initiatives between YCL Hubs 

...all with support from dedicated YCL staff


Building upon your expertise: YCL Hubs may have different thematic focus according to their host organizations – e.g. YCL Hub Bologna focuses on “Food and Climate Change” as it is

co-hosted with the

Future Food Institute


Hubs can generate revenue from prospective courses or consulting projects related to YCL. With YCL remitting a % (negotiable according to different engagement levels)


A YCL Hub host organization will be eligible to co-create their own learning journeys with the support of YCL’s team: e.g. the YCL Brazil Course



YCL Fellows can apply to coordinate YCL Hubs in partnership with local network partners, who offer their space, expertise and resources. Championed by a YCL alumnus, Hubs are further developed through partnerships with key local YCL partners who offer their space and/or resources.

at school

YCL Fellows and partners also receive support if they want to launch a YCL representation at their academic institutions. YCL Campus Ambassadors will promote YCL programs, share resources, host informative lectures on the climate crisis and the climate economy, organize YCL workshops (1-2 day events) and YCL Learning Journeys (tailored field trips). With an objective to sensitize, inspire and engage their classmates to join our global youth-led movement for climate action. 


Contact our team and schedule an exploratory conversation. Whenever possible, we will link you with YCL Fellows and partners in your city or country. Below you can find a summary of steps to launch a YCL Hub and expected activities: 

Physical space: You can either offer your space or identify another local partner who can offer their space. The space should at least include a sizable room to convene meetings, preferably also a larger room/auditorium for lectures and courses; 

Host and Hub Coordinator: A Hub must identify a local organization as host that will support the development of the Hub, including collaborating with the YCL Team to appoint a Hub Coordinator—the point person for the Hub; 

Resource Allocation: There does not need to be an initial monetary commitment to launch a YCL Hub, but should, at a minimum, include human resources/personnel, know-how, and network involvement;

YCL Hubs have three main categories of activities (an advanced Hub may have all of them): 

YCL Network Integration: The first level of engagement for a YCL Hub includes having a dedicated physical space, a calendar of regular events, and cross-communication with other YCL Hubs; 

Host Learning Journeys: In addition to offering a space for local YCL Fellows and partners, the Hub can also provide space for YCL Experiential Learning Journeys, such as the YCL International Immersion ​and YCL Country Fellowships; 

Foster Climate Action: Hubs should aim to foster climate solutions by offering space and mentorship for local projects while utilizing the Global YCL Network to connect, collaborate and compound actions (e.g. UFSC Without Plastic). With support from the YCL Team, Hubs will coordinate field placements, group projects or job placements for YCL Fellows with interconnected climate initiatives, local organizations and companies, and government offices.






Interested in joining this dynamic global ecosystem? YCL is interested in hearing from you!  


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