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A Tool Stimulating & Enabling Regional Conditions for Catalysts in the Bioeconomy

Taking inspiration directly from Amazonia and her inhabitants, the ABC Builder increases connectivity and engagement of key catalysts—human talent, businesses, institutions, financial resources, and biodiversity—otherwise disconnected, to position each to gain an optimum share of opportunities and growth within the Bioeconomy. Coalescing a critical mass of interconnected catalysts to foster the foundation of a vibrant regional bioeconomy.
Just as the floral of Earth's largest forest transpires for its own collective survival.


Regional Facilitator
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Cluster Coordinator
Technical Expertise
Bioeconomy Expertise
Youth Engagement



To be a driving force for the socioeconomic shift in Amazonia to a Bioregional Green Bioeconomy, synonymous with regenerative economic activities that value local people, cultures, and the environment.

Sharing an applicable model kickstarting regional bioeconomies cultivating an Amazonia Bioregional BioEconomy—on a scale, in current terms, to the likes of Silicon Valley's tech economy or London's financial economy. 

The Cluster Builder will exemplify the innovation, opportunities, and benefits of the Bioeconomy in a region. Refuting current paradigms of environmental degradation and commodification of work locking people and planet into cycles of abuse and scarcity.

Enabling organisations to take advantage of market opportunities to grow and diversify their work and to boost innovation, both within Amazonia and internationally.

Positioning resources to collaboratively localize existing vocational training and skill development programs to build culturally relevant capacities of the local workforce, particularly, young people living in the rural and urban Amazon to increase participation in the Green Bioeconomy while tackling the braindrain of local youth.

Instigating a reality where ‘green jobs’ just become ‘the jobs’ while inciting the radical reorientation of work from employment towards livelihood.

increase the capabilities of youth talents and local businesses to operate in bioeconomy,


Interested support agents are encouraged to reach out
to explore how they can participate.

To discuss support opportunities or find out more about the Amazon Bioeconomy Cluster Builder, please contact Julia Bussab at



The ABC Builder will be first implemented through a program to localize the successful concept of economic cluster building, as exemplified by the
Blue Economy Cluster Builder Programme led by Aquatera, to the western region of the Brazilian State of Pará.

This geographical focus, in an Amazonian region with some of the highest increases in deforestation, forest fires, and socio-environmental conflicts, enables the development of an applicable Bioeconomy Cluster Model for regions across Amazonia—coinciding with varied realities.

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