Improve your skills for your career in climate change

We select and train young talents through practical international immersions, along with local and national courses. Participants witness firsthand the impacts of the climate crisis while improving their technical and leadership skills by working together. They also have mentoring sessions to leave their journey with an action plan to start or boost their careers. From days to weeks, we have personalized offers for different needs.




A once in a lifetime opportunity for you to take action and start your career in the field of climate change. Climate change is something too big, complex and out of our daily lives' concerns. To really understand it, one must see and feel it for oneself. Therefore, to build the next generation of climate leaders, we are designing a unique experience.


On our international immersion you are able to learn about climate change in theory, understand it in practice and work on hands-on projects with other young people. The immersions combine professional development activities (group project and visits to key organizations), cultural events and individual coaching.


The course “Climate Leadership for the 21st Century” advocates that individual and collective transformations should go together. In this context, we harness a new kind of education that develops skills by combining the theoretical with the practical whereby directly aligning the course curriculum with actions and opportunities through our Global Network.


During the two month course, classes are enriched with cooperative group work with a YCL partner, special webinars, and individual mentorships all to catalyze a participant's trajectory for actions and eventual transition into a climate career. As of 2020, the Country Course is fully online. With tailored engagement activities led by our local YCL HubsThe Course is currently offered every semester, however, only available in Portuguese. Pending further partnership support.


FREE online programs where individuals can reflect and unpack their own climate narrative while connecting with others to reimagine and retell a collective vision for the changing world around us. Harnessing an experiential learning approach, each Pod is an interdisciplinary experience that will engage participants — through storytelling, collective visioning and collaborative communication practices — to personalize the relevant challenges of the climate crisis. Complemented through two days of interactive dialogue sessions with action & thought leaders and on-demand multimedia content on critical topics within the climate crisis.  


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We are a global youth leadership network catalyzing climate professionals

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